G-Shock Watches – Who Loves Them?

A pair of gshocks
A pair of G-Shocks

Casio is the one company that pioneered digital watch technology in the 70’s and gave the world the first G-Shock in the 80’s. The G-Shock suddenly became a cultural phenomenon in many countries and everyone, from a skater, to a hip-hop singer on the stage, started to wear them. For reviews on many G-Shock models, head on to atomic811.

Who wears a G-Shock?

Before the G-Shock, nobody really gave a penny on a shockproof watch, but luckily for the world, an ambitious engineer from Casio (Kikuo Ibe) broke his beloved mechanical watch and…the rest is history! This is how his dream to build a watch that is shockproof began and his perseverance gave us the amazing G-Shock years later.

Military personnel, Navy Seals are the first ones to wear a tactical watch, a G-Shock watch any given day. Not only this is the longest lasting and rugged watch in the world, but it’s also the fastest in the reading accurately the time, as it’s digital, you know. The rubber strap and casing make the G-Shock watch the no.1 watch for any tactical mission or hiking experience in the place desert.

And guess what? Nowadays, the Frogman collection goes especially well with the men who spend many hours in the mud and water.

The G-Shock watch is not only heavy duty, but it also contains a microprocessor to give you serious computing power on your wrist. G-Shock has been a leader when it comes to innovative functionality, going from including compasses, thermometers, calculators and even GPS systems.

This is why the G-Shock is so loved by the scientists all over the world and the first model from 1983 is still available, in carbon fiber, though.

As the G-Shock is so versatile, it’s become a beloved watch among the skaters also. G-Shock means also funky, laid-back creativity and…kicking ass. Famous professional skaters put their name and ideas into G-Shock collections, creating watches with funky materials.

Even though they’re not doing much of dangerous things (besides being rebels through their music), the hip-hop stars are also big fans of the G-Shock watches. We’re not gonna name names, but several hip-hop artists go on stage and anywhere else wearing a G-Shock watch. They love them for their looks: they’re big, colorful and the rugged look give a “hero” feeling to the one who wears the G-Shock.

Some rappers went a step farther and put their mind to creating new G-Shock models who took everyone by surprise. It’s the case of the “neo-brite” luminous hands feature as some G-Shock come with hands :)

As in the case of the music artists, it seems that men in fashion also love the G-Shock in their collections. It’s not uncommon to see a wealthy, fashionable man wearing a G-Shock in any part of the world. G-Shock gets sold just along the most expensive, luxurious watches and nobody sees unusual to buy together a $ 10,000 and a $300 G-Shock. From a limited collection, of course J

If you pay attention to the market, you see that G-Shock prices won’t stop rising and Casio G-Shock even created a $ 5000 watch. It’s made of Katana metal, the metal of samurai swords and, no worries…it has been sold as fast as the hot bread.